Under the Cloud Summit is a fantasy web comic about a collapsing world, written in the midst of a non-fantasy, IRL collapsing world. That much is made clear in the intro, and we’re not gonna tell you anything else cuz spoilers!

This series contains mature content and is intended for mature audiences.

We were updating monthly with a new batch of pages, but have had to pull back from that recently. Scripts are still being developed but the artwork is on hold. It may need to wait until we can get a different artist, which is a matter of being able to afford one. Your Patreon support will help greatly with that. Thank you!

For now enjoy what we have released so far.

Eventually, we intend to print this series as graphic novels, in volumes of 4-6 chapters each.

Meet the Creators


Damen Easton is a multi-disciplinary artist. An active composer, he teaches music theory at Portland State University. He has released an alt-pop album as well as contemporary art music recordings. He has also acted on stage and in film.

Under the Cloud Summit is his first major writing project, the first project in which he is showcasing his visual art, and his first foray into the comic/graphic novel medium.


Ben Murphy is a writer, storyteller, composer, vocalist, and group facilitator. He has long studied proponents of a mythopoetic worldview, and applies this perspective in all aspects of his creative work. By weaving mythic resonance into his work, he bridges the gap between conceptual thinking and embodied wisdom. 

When Ben isn’t immersed in storytelling and myth, he’s practicing bodywork in Portland, Oregon, spending time in wild places, and building community with those he holds most dear.